Event HJ20

Serge Haroche in conversation with Alejandro Becerra

Venue: Tec de Monterrey, Ciudad de México

How has the role of light in understanding the universe changed, and how is it still changing? In 2012, Serge Haroche (France) was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics, together with David J. Wineland, for his innovative work in the field of quantum optics. Their discoveries make use of the properties of light particles to create new technologies, such as ultrafast quantum computers. With The Science of Light: From Galileo’s Telescope to Quantum Physics, this Nobel laureate offers a revealing narrative about what we now know about light, from relativity theory to quantum physics, about how we have learned it and how this knowledge has led to many inventions that have changed our lives. Coinciding with the celebration of a centenary of quantum physics, Haroche will talk about the history and current state of knowledge regarding one of physics’ most exciting and important phenomena: light. He will talk to Alejandro Becerra.

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Serge Haroche in conversation with Alejandro Becerra

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