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Accommodation Listing Fee

Thank you for listing your accommodation with our Bedfinder Service.
Please be advised that Hay Festival provides only your contact details to potential guests. Any booking arrangements are strictly between you and the guest, NOT between you and Hay Festival. We recommend that you ask for a deposit (20–30%) to be paid in advance of the guests' stay, to secure you against late cancellations and no-shows.

Also, please note that registering with our Bedfinder Service does not guarantee customer bookings and the listing fee is non-refundable.

Next steps

  • Under ACCOMMODATION on the Hayfestival.org/wales website, click on REGISTER AND MANAGE YOUR AVAILABILITY; log in and follow the steps to list/update your property details
  • Advise Hay Festival Bedfinder Service that you have listed your property on the site so we can ensure that all your details are correct and your property appears on the search engine

PLEASE NOTE: It is VERY IMPORTANT for us that you maintain your availability up to date as bookings come in. 

Price: £10.00