Event 483

Sarah Gavron introduces

Screening: Village at the End of the World

Richard Booth's Bookshop Cinema, 44 Lion Street

Fascinated by the resilience of the few remaining polar communities, Brick Lane director Gavron and her cameraman partner Katznelson spent almost three years filming in Niaqornat, a remote Inuit hamlet in northern Greenland with just 59 inhabitants. Under government threat of relocation if their numbers fell below 50, the locals were determined to reopen a local fish factory in order to stem the slow exodus of their youngsters, and vowed to battle on against an unsympathetic bureaucracy “until the last man’s left standing”. The stark beauty of their harsh landscape and their equally harsh way of life – they rely entirely on hunting and fishing, and the long winter months are totally without daylight – contrast with their quirky humour and robust traditions. A revealing and moving little gem.

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