Joe Strummer gave me permission to be myself

Lol, a monument to humbleness, was presented at Teatro de la Ciudad to talk about Cured, the book in which he tells his story at the time of conforming The Cure with Robert Smith. Dressed all in black, without falling into the obvious “dark” cliché, he talked about the origins of the group. In a crucial moment for music, with the hangover of punk and post-punk still kicking, at a time when millions of teenagers in the world sought to form a new identity, himself and Robert Smith included, The Cure without intending it, invented that new identity. At that seminal moment, punk was not just music but an attitude towards life, he said.

He explained that this change was inspired by the former leader of The Clash. "Joe Strummer gave me permission to be myself," he said. And he also had the support of his family. Especially from his mother. “Moms help”, he talked about his mother's help in making his look.

On what it means to be in a rock band he shared that it is exciting to play. But not being on tour. "People have fantasies about rock." But they are false. For example, in relation to the first album, Three Imaginary Boys, it was not born spontaneously or was the product of enlightenment. The songs had been worked on for three years. His life was not the common place of rockstars. They had to dedicate themselves to polishing their work. And their graduation as musicians came at Seventeen Seconds, when they became more involved in production, out of personal need as artists.

His favorite album of Bowie’s is Low, he confessed in relation to those who have influenced him. On the other hand, his favorite album of The Cure is Pornography, however, he said it was not a record he would play every day or to listen to while driving his car.

When Robert Smith invited him to give a concert with the band in Australia, in a kind of reunion that has not been repeated, he said that as soon as they started playing it was as if nothing had changed. “The music is the key”, he sentenced. To refer to opening all doors, even those that seem to have been closed forever, such as his friendship with Robert Smith.