Reserve tickets


Events: 30 pesos
Film screenings: 20 pesos

Students and those over 65: 25% of the seats for events, concerts and film screenings will be offered free, up to capacity. These tickets can be booked online. One ticket per event can be requested.

Hay Joven (HJ): events marked HJ are only for those university students who have registered. The system will ask for university accreditation that should be sent with the registration form. One ticket per event, maximum, can be applied for.

Hay Festivalito for children and young people (HF): events marked HF are aimed at a young audience. The events are free for those who have registered. The system will ask for accreditation which should be sent with the registration form.

Please bear in mind the ages indicated for each event when registering. For those younger than 16, each registration is for a child accompanied by an adult.

Picking up tickets acquired online and from the Box Office

Teatro de la Ciudad: calle 16 de septiembre, 76000 Querétaro

Opening hours: 29 August from 10:00 to 16:00. 30 August onwards, from 10:00 to 20:00.

If there are tickets available before each event, they can be acquired directly at the appropriate venue before the event begins (up to capacity).

The programme is subject to change. In case of cancelation of an event, the ticket can be exchanged for another or payment will be returned.

Please be punctual for events. The festival may refuse entry to venues after an event has begun.

The festival has the right to show, on its promotion channels, any photos taken of audiences during events.

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