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Event 242

Ola Onabule

Venue: The Sound Castle
The voice is unmistakably gentle and wistful, haunting and heartbreaking, reminiscent of the great Soul and Jazz artists of the 1960s and ’70s. Ola has performed on the largest festival stages worldwide including the main stage of the Montreal Jazz Festival. His album Seven Shades Darker has been cited as a modern classic rooted in Soul and Blues, but at ease with mournful, complex African melodic lines.
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Event 243

The Festival Audience

The Jubilee Prom - Nine Songs and Speeches

Venue: Barclays Pavilion
When is Nationalism a fine and wonderful thing? TODAY. Come and join us to toast the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a joyful, cockle-warming, foot-stomping, Beatles-n-cream celebration of nine of the greatest speeches and nine of the most popular songs of the past 60 years, sung by all of US. Flags and tears and balloons; great tunes, and some of the finest words ever written. Songsheets available on the night. With accompaniment from the happy and glorious Bandemonium.
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Event 244

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young

The Woman who Changed Her Brain

Venue: Sky Arts Studio
The pioneer of neuroplasticity was born with severe learning disabilities. Undaunted, she used her strengths to develop brain exercises to overcome her neurological deficits. She has gone on to change countless lives and inspire Miraculous Transformations from the Frontier of Brain Science.
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Event 245

Jeremy Cooper talks to Gavin Turk

Growing Up: Young British Artists at 50

Venue: Big Tent
A conversation about the golden generation with the brilliant Art writer and the YBA star whose work explore issues of authenticity, self-portraiture, parody, identity and authority.
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Event 246

Jon Gower, Jeremy Moore, Tomos Williams

At Water’s Edge

Venue: Digital Stage
As the All-Wales Coast Path opens to the public, the writer is joined by his fellow-travelling photographer and trumpeter to explore the country’s 870-mile edge, where land meets sea.
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Event 247

Billy Bragg

Celebrates Woody Guthrie’s 100th Birthday

Venue: Llwyfan Cymru – Wales Stage
A concert tribute to the great 20th-century American singer-songwriter, including the Mermaid Avenue songs, unrecorded in Guthrie’s lifetime, and recovered by Billy Bragg.
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Event 248

Robin Ince

Happiness Through Science

Venue: Sky Arts Studio
The Uncaged Monkeys star asks if you can be happy and rational at the same time. Join him in a world of Schrödinger cats, multiverses and evolutionary conundrums as he orienteers through the craggy landscape of evolution while plumbing the depths of his own murky consciousness, all without the aid of a safety net.
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Event 249

Anthony Joseph and The Spasm Band

Venue: The Sound Castle
A crossover of funk and poetry with elements of Jazz and Afrobeat, altogether creating a mesmerising and intense live show. The Trinidadian star has a dark and very recognizable voice with elements of Gil Scott Heron crossed with Benjamin Zephaniah. The Spasm Band is a collective of superb instrumentalists and vocalists. Add in production by Malcolm Catto (The Heliocentrics) and the result is rather special.
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