Hay Festival 2018 Early birds

We are pleased to announce the first events for Hay Festival 2018. The full programme will be released in the Spring.

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Event 4

Joan Tarrida and Jesús Ruiz Mantilla

Farinelli Returns to La Granja: A conversation and a concert

Venue: Palacio de la Granja - Casa de las Flores

Joan Tarrida, publisher of Galaxia Gutenberg, and Jesús Ruiz Mantilla, author Yo, Farinelli, el capon, talk in La Granja about the most famous castrato in history. He was a baroque icon - responsible for introducing Italian opera into Spain, and the subject of Ruiz Mantilla’s novel. His 22-year-stay at the Borbón court began at this royal palace in Segovia, where he arrived to cure Philip V’s melancholy through music therapy. He stayed in his service and in Philip’s successor, Carlos III, until he sent him back to Italy. Followed by a concert of Baroque music.

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