We are pleased to announce the full programme for Hay Festival 2018.

Event 166

Aardman’s Dan Binns and Ally Lewis

Trans.MISSION 2: Clean Air

Venue: Llwyfan Cymru – Wales Stage

What happens when you bring together two people at the top of their game but from different spheres? Lewis is an atmospheric chemist and works for the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) and the University of York. His main research focus is air pollution and how to detect chemicals in the atmosphere. Binns is a Commercials director at Aardman, the multi-award-winning studio, creators of Wallace & Gromit. They have collaborated to create an original piece of work that will explore the issues around air pollution.

The Trans.MISSION project was created to bring science and culture together with the aim of communicating cutting-edge science to new audiences through new methods. 
More information about the Trans.MISSION project can be found here.

Price: £7.00

Event 168

William Sieghart and Friends

The Poetry Pharmacy – The Hay Readings

Venue: Good Energy Stage

Tried and True Prescriptions for the Heart, Mind and Soul

Sometimes only a poem will do. The founder of National Poetry Day and The Forward Prize offers poetic prescriptions and wise words of advice to give comfort, delight and inspiration for all; a space for reflection, and that precious realisation – I'm not the only one who feels like this. Whether you are suffering from loneliness, lack of courage, heartbreak, hopelessness, or even from an excess of ego, there is something here to ease your pain. With readings of the poems by actors and commentary by Sieghart. Full cast to be announced on 20 May.

Price: £7.00
William Sieghart and Friends

Event HD32

Jon Dovey, Tom Abba, Dan Franklin, Joanna Walsh

Ambient Literature and the Future of Storytelling

Venue: Compass

Join the Ambient Literature team and their guests for a discussion exploring the role that digital technologies can play in creating literary experiences that go beyond the page. The ubiquitous smartphone and new digital platforms offer writers and designers the opportunity to explore how we might incorporate new technologies and new stories.

Price: £6.00
Jon Dovey, Tom Abba, Dan Franklin, Joanna Walsh

Event 169

Les Amazones d’Afrique

Venue: Tata Tent

The supergroup of great West African women musicians raise the Bank Holiday Monday roof with a spectacular and glorious concert.  Their exuberant harmonies and sublime rhythms make for a perfect celebration.

Mamani Keita (vocal), Rokia Kone (vocal), Awa Sangho (vocal), Joseph Palmer (drums), Mariam Kone (backing vocal), Mamadou Diakite (guitar) and Llorens Barcelo (Keys).

Their first album Republique Amazone is out now on the Real World label.

Hosted by Georgia Ruth for BBC Radio 3’s Music Planet and recorded as live for broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on Friday 15th June at 11pm
Price: £15.00
Les Amazones d’Afrique

Event 170

Rachel Parris

It’s Fun to Pretend

Venue: Oxfam Moot

Viral sensation Rachel Parris, star of BBC’s The Mash Report, presents a comedy show packed with stand-up, song, sketch and, inevitably, a sideways swipe at society. “Tears of laughter... endearingly frank and funny.” – The Guardian.

Price: £12.00
Rachel Parris

Event 171

Martin Griffiths

Dark Land, Dark Skies

Venue: Starlight Stage

The astronomer subverts conventional astronomical thought by eschewing the classical naming of constellations and investigating Welsh and Celtic naming. Ancient peoples around the world placed their own myths and legends in the heavens, though these have tended to become lost behind the dominant use of classical cultural stories to name stars. In many cases it is a result of a literary culture displacing an oral culture. Griffiths has researched past use of Welsh heroes from the Mabinogion in the naming of constellations and his new book is both an interesting, provocative combination of a new perspective on Welsh mythology and an astronomy guidebook.

Price: £7.00

Event 172

Barney Norris and David Owen Norris

The Wellspring

Venue: St Mary’s Church

How does the culture of our past shape and speak to the present? And how might a richer understanding of where we have come from help us discover where we're heading now? The novelist and playwright Barney Norris and the pianist, composer and broadcaster David Owen Norris explore these questions in The Wellspring, a new book of interviews on music and cultural inheritance. Uniquely placed, as father and son artists, to engage with the question of how things are passed on, they meet at Hay to explore the way a life is formed by what has come before, and the way we form that past as we go through our lives.

Price: £7.00