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The full programme is available for this year’s festival, 25 May to 4 June. We very much look forward to seeing you in May.

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Ben Russell

The Rise of the Robots

Event 44 Venue: Good Energy Stage

Ben Russell

The lead curator of the Science Museum’s blockbuster show explores this very human obsession to recreate ourselves, revealing the remarkable 500-year story of humanoid robots.

Price: £7.30

Mark Stevenson talks to Andy Fryers

We Do Things Differently

Event 227 Venue: Good Energy Stage

Our systems are failing. Old models for education, healthcare, government, food production and energy supply are no longer fit for purpose. As the world’s population heads towards eight billion, it’s clear that we need new approaches. Futurist Mark Stevenson sets out across four continents to find them. From Brazilian favelas to high- tech Boston, and from rural India to a shed inventor in England’s home counties, We Do Things Differently travels the world to find the advance guard re-imagining our future.

Price: £7.30