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The full programme is available for this year’s festival, 25 May to 4 June. We very much look forward to seeing you in May.

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Peter Singer talks to Stephen Fry

Things That Matter

Event 72 Venue: Tata Tent

The Australian writer and thinker is often described as the world’s most influential living philosopher. He is known especially for his work on the ethics of our treatment of animals, for his controversial critique of the sanctity of life ethics in bioethics, and for his writing on the obligations of the affluent to aid those living in extreme poverty. His books include Animal Liberation, Practical Ethics, The Most Good You Can Do, The Life You Can Save, Famine, Affluence and Morality, and most recently Ethics in the Real World: 82 Brief Essays on Things That Matter. He talks to the Festival president.

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Harriet Harman talks to Laura Bates

A Woman’s Work

Event 162 Venue: Tata Tent

Harriet Harman talks to Laura Bates

A fascinating account of an exemplary Parliamentary and political career from an insider committed to progressing gender equality. There’s a great quote about her in The Times: “Countless blows have tempered Harman into something fearless and indestructible”. She talks to the founder of the Everyday Sexism project.

Price: £9.30

Laura Bates

Plan International UK: Because I am a Girl

Event 217 Venue: Good Energy Stage

Laura Bates

The global children’s charity introduces the world’s biggest campaign for girls’ rights. The founder of the Everyday Sexism project shares her story and talks about barriers facing girls today in the UK and around the world: from online trolling to period poverty and gender stereotypes. Join the conversation and explore what it means to be a girl today.

Price: £5.30

Sophy Ridge and Yvette Cooper

The Women Who Shaped Politics

Event 256 Venue: Baillie Gifford Stage

Sophy Ridge and Yvette Cooper

The Sky News presenter introduces her book filled with empowering stories of women who have shifted the political landscape, from the Suffragettes to the present day.  She discusses sexism, resilience and opportunity with the Labour politician and former Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper.  This book went to press on the day the Daily Mail splashed the meeting between the First Minister of Scotland and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom with the headline: ‘Never mind Brexit, who won Legs-it?’

Price: £7.30

Juno Dawson

The Gender Games

Event 355 Venue: Cube

Juno Dawson

Gender isn’t just screwing over trans people, it’s messing with everyone. From exclusionist feminists to ‘alt-right’ young men; from men who can’t cry to the women who think they shouldn’t. Juno tells not only her own story but the story of everyone who is shaped by society’s expectations of gender –and what we can do about it. A frank, witty and powerful manifesto for a world where what’s in your head is more important than what’s between your legs. Chaired by Daniel Hahn.

Price: £7.30