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2017 Earlybird tickets

box office 01497 822 629

Here is our first batch of Earlybird tickets. The full programme will be available in April.
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Jane Williams, Robert Hughes, Thomas Reynolds

King James Authorised Version 1

Event 11 Venue: Elmley Foundation Theatre

In this first Good Read event celebrating the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible, the distinguished panel discuss Exodus, Ruth and Lamentations.

See profiles of Jane Williams, Robert Hughes
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Taking Forward Sustainable Development in Wales

Event 12 Venue: Friends Café

Last year at Hay Festival, 22 organisations (including the Festival) signed the Assembly Government’s Sustainable Development Charter. Now numbering over 50 organisations, subscribers to the Charter will come together to share cutting edge approaches to sustainable development that can transform organisations and the communities that they are part of.

Entry to this event is free but you must obtain a ticket
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Christopher Cocksworth, Robert Hughes, Richard Harries, Angel F. Montoya, David Bentley Hart and Thomas Reynolds chaired by Jane Williams

The Michael Ramsey Prize

Event 13 Venue: Elmley Foundation Theatre

The theologian discusses the books shortlisted for this year’s Michael Ramsey Prize with the shortlisted authors. The books by those present are: Holding Together, Beloved Dust, The Re-enchantment of Morality, The Theology of FoodAtheist Delusions and Vulnerable Communion.

Full details at
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The Michael Ramsey Prize Lunch

Event 616 Venue: Graze Restaurant, Festival Site

Celebrate the award of The Michael Ramsey Prize for contemporary theological writing with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, and fellow judges Simon Russell Beale, Jane Williams, Professor Janet Soskice, Bishop John Inge, Professor Richard Bauckham and Reverend Lucy Winkett

Full details of the shortlist can be found at

Lunch Menu
Pan-roasted free range breast of chicken on warm niçoise salad with fresh pesto
Vegetarian – Carrot and cardamom pudding

Vanilla bean Panna Cotta, berry compote, shortbread


Lunch is served at 12.45pm
Wine can be ordered on the day. 

Please let the box office know if you would like the vegetarian option.
Graze Restaurant is situated next to the food hall on the festival site.
This event has taken place

Luke Gamble

My Wild and Wonderful Friends

Event 14 Venue: Oxfam Stage

The vet tells the tales of his New Forest and Dorset practices.

More about Luke Gamble
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Simon Baker & Taryn Simon

Tate Lecture 1: A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters

Event 15 Venue: Llwyfan Cymru – Wales Stage

The Tate’s new Photography Curator discusses and shows work from the new exhibition with the featured artist Taryn Simon.

For further details of the exhibition at Tate Modern see
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Richard Harries, Christopher Cocksworth, John Inge

King James Authorised Version 2

Event 16 Venue: Elmley Foundation Theatre

The trinity of bishops (Oxford, Coventry and Worcester) discuss Philemon, 1 Corinthians and Jonah.
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Rowan Williams and Simon Russell Beale

Talking Shakespeare

Event 17 Venue: Barclays Wealth Pavilion

Rowan Williams and Simon Russell Beale
As part of the day's programme of conversations celebrating this year's Michael Ramsey Prize the Archbishop of Canterbury discusses the work of the world's greatest writer with one of Britain's finest actors.
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Gareth Malone

Music for the People

Event 18 Venue: Oxfam Stage

The charismatic maestro of The Choir takes us on A Journey through the Pleasures and Pitfalls of Classical Music.

Read the Independent's feature on Gareth Malone
Music for the People - Gareth Malone
This event has taken place

Peter Guest

Cardiff Series 1: The Lost City of the Legion

Event 19 Venue: Llwyfan Cymru – Wales Stage

Find out about what has been uncovered at Caerleon from one the archaeologists investigating Isca’s ancient remains, how the discoveries were made, and why so many people have been inspired to explore one of Roman Britain’s most iconic sites for themselves.

Read more about Peter Guest and Caerleon at

For further information and video content, visit
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Justin Hill

Shield Wall

Event 20 Venue: Elmley Foundation Theatre

Gripping fiction that reclaims the Saxon history of Ethelred, Edmund and Harold from the Norman conquerors by a multi-award-winning novelist.

More about the author
This event has taken place

Colin Humphreys

Cambridge Series 1: The Mystery of The Last Supper

Event 21 Venue: Llwyfan Cymru – Wales Stage

Reconciling conflicting Gospel accounts and scientific evidence, the distinguished Cambridge physicist reveals the exact date of the Last Supper in a definitive new timeline of Holy Week.

Professor Sir Colin Humphreys CBE FREng is Professor of Materials Science and Director of Research in the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Selwyn College, Cambridge. He founded and directs the Cambridge Centre for Gallium Nitride. This Centre is developing energy-efficient lighting which is so efficient it will enable the UK to close (or not build) eight power stations. He is also researching a new way to purify water in the developing (and developed) world, which will save millions of lives, and to kill hospital superbugs. 

He founded and directs the Cambridge/Rolls-Royce Centre for Aerospace Materials, which is developing next generation materials for Rolls-Royce jet engines to make them more energy efficient. He is involved in the public understanding of science, and has given public lectures on science throughout the world. He frequently appears on TV, radio and in the national and international press. He has received many national and international medals for his research. He has been the President of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and he is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. On 24 June, 2010 he became the Master of the Armourers and Brasiers’ Company in London. 

In addition, he is interested in dating and reconstructing ancient historical events, particularly events recorded in the Bible. His latest book is The Mystery of the Last Supper: Reconstructing the Final Days of Jesus.
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Rachel Campbell-Johnston

Mysterious Wisdom

Event 22 Venue: Starlight Stage

The art critic introduces her biography of the Romantic artist and visionary Samuel Palmer.
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Jeremy Davies, Steve Colling and Jane Davidson

Changing Consumer: Changing Language

Event 23 Venue: Elmley Foundation Theatre

Does the emerging language around the low carbon future and how we use energy capture our hearts and minds, convey meaning and drive change? Or leave us cold, cynical and disorientated? New research by E.ON and Onearth explores what turns on and turns off consumers when thinking about energy. Chaired by BBC environment correspondent David Shukman.
This event has taken place

Gwernyfed Cluster Schools Showcase

Event 24 Venue: Oxfam Stage

Join pupils from a range of local schools as they sing their hearts out.

Entry to this event is free but you must reserve a ticket.
Donations towards the Gwernyfed Cluster School Music Fund.
This event has taken place

David Shukman in conversation with Andy Fryers

Reporting Live From The End of the World

Event 25 Venue: Starlight Stage

The BBC’s Environment correspondent reports from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and the epicentre of the Pacific earthquake.

More about David Shukman here
This event has taken place

John Barrow

Cambridge Series 2: The Book of Universes

Event 26 Venue: Llwyfan Cymru – Wales Stage

The mathematician encounters universes where the laws of physics can change from time to time and from one region to another, universes that have extra hidden dimensions of space and time, universes that live inside black holes, colliding universes, inflationary universes, and universes that come into being from something else – or from nothing at all.

Profile of John Barrow here 
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Anthony Sattin

Lifting The Veil

Event 27 Venue: Elmley Foundation Theatre

The travel writer explores Two Centuries of Travellers, Traders and Tourists in Egypt. Chaired by Corisande Albert.
This event has taken place

The Changing Music Industry

Event T29 Venue: Scribblers Hut

A unique chance to find out how the industry really works from producers and bands. They'll tackle expectations, deals and options on going to major labels, indie or DIY. Includes a performance by Small Engine Repair and a Q&A session. Perfect for bands and individuals with dreams of a future in the music industry.
Dr. Paul Carr looks at the ways in which the Welsh music industry can make the most of the opportunities presented by the emergence of live music.
Rob Parrett is a successful production music composer, apart from his film, television and solo work, has also composed for EMI, BMG, Universal, Sony, Sonoton, Hit Music and numerous other companies.
This event has taken place

Simon Emmerson talks to Nigel Williamson

Songlines Series 1

Event 622 Venue: The Moot

The Afro Celt Sound System co-founder talks about their music.
This event has taken place
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