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Event 31

Clara Janés, Carlos Aganzo and José María Muñoz Quirós

My words, others’ words: San Juan de la Cruz

– Venue: Huerto del Convento de los Padres Carmelitas
The orchard of the Padres Carmelitas of Segovia convent is the backdrop for this session with Clara Janés, José María Muñoz Quirós and Carlos Aganzo (members of the Academia of San Juan de la Cruz) who read their poems and conduct a spiritual dialogue that transcends centuries, while the audience follows a path through the cave (Dark Night), the orchard (Spiritual Canticle) and the hermitage at the top (O Living Flame of Love!).
Co-organized by the BNE (Biblioteca Nacional de España
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Event 32

A meeting with María Dueñas and Carmen Gallardo

My words, others’ words

A Hay Festival Segovia visit to the Romeral de San Marcos, an intimate garden designed by Leandro Silva. María Dueñas will read from her work and talk to journalist Carmen Gallardo. Guided by Claudia Schaefer.
Co-organized with Yo Dona,the Fundación Lara, the Biblioteca Nacional de España and Galería Artesonado.
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Event 33

Rolf Srom-Olsen in conversation with Lucy Kellaway

Sense and Nonsense in the Office

– Venue: Caja Segovia
Lucy Kellaway, management columnist at the Financial Times, author of the novel In Office Hours (Penguin) and commentator on the BBC World Service business programme Business Daily talks to Rolf Strom-Olsen, expert in contemporary history and professor of humanities at IE University and IE Business School.
Simultaneous translation from English into Spanish. Co-organized with IE University.
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Event 34

Soledad Gallego-Díaz and Alfonso Armada talk to Aurelio Martín

The future of journalism

Soledad Gallego-Díaz, deputy editor of El País, and Alfonso Armada, director of ABC/UCM’s Master of Journalism and editor of the online magazine FronteraD, will discuss the future of journalism with Aurelio Martín, vice-president of the Federación de Asociaciones de Periodistas de España (FAPE).
Co-organized with the Asociación de Prensa de Segovia
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Event 35

Guillermo Solana and Miguel Ángel Cortés

Culture in the knowledge society

Mario Vargas Llosa’s book La Civilización del Espectáculo highlights the need to reflect on the impact of new technologies, mass media, education and culture. Guillermo Solana, Artistic Director of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and Miguel Ángel Cortés, patron of the Reina Sofia Museum, member of the committee on architecture and design at the MOMA and former secretary of state for culture, rise to the challenge.
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Event 36

David Safier talks to Ramon Arangüena

– Venue: Caja Segovia
David Safier, the world-renowned German humour writer and author of Bad Karma and Jesus Loves Me talks to journalist Ramón Arangüena.
Simultaneous translation from German into Spanish. Co-organized with the Fundación Lara and in collaboration with the Goethe Institut and the Embassy of Germany in Spain.
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Event 37

Matilde Asensi talks to Montserrat Domínguez

Matilde Asensi’s novel La Conjura de Cortes brings to a close the trilogy based on Spain’s Golden Age, in which Catalina Solís has to make her way through life as a man, Martin Ojo de Plata, in Spanish-speaking America. She talks to Montserrat Domínguez, director of the Huffington Post in Spain.
Co-organized with the Fundación Lara.
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Event 38

Cultural Information in New Journalism

Luis Alemany of El Mundo, Carmen Sigüenza and Carlos Gosch of Efe and Miguel Lorenci of Colpisa discuss whether the Internet has opened new avenues for cultural exchange. Is it a great way of reaching new audiences or does the net trivialise culture?
Co-organized with Agencia Efe.
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Event 39

The Hay Festival is 25 this year, and as part of the celebrations we have put 25 Questions to everyone taking part in all our 15 festivals around the world. Please join the panel to discuss three of the Questions – What would you do if you knew you would never be caught? We’re building a library of literature, music and cinema. Which one book, film and album would you contribute to it? 25 years ago, the whole world lived in fear of an Aids pandemic, the Berlin Wall divided East and Western Europe, China and Latin America were considered part of the developing world and less than 1% of the world’s population used mobile phones or computers. What changes will we see to the way we live now in 25 years’ time? 

Simultaneous translation from English into Spanish.
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Event 40

Karl Ove Knausgård in conversation with Kirsti Baggethun

– Venue: Caja Segovia
International best-selling Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgård has written autobiographical books that have sparked controversy and fascination in equal measure. His novel A Time for Everything was praised by the New York Review of Books as ‘marvellous’. He talks to his translator Kirsti Baggethun about A Death in the Family, the first of six autobiographical novels in his series My Struggle.
Simultaneous translation available from Norwegian into Spanish. With the collaboration of the Embassy of Norway in Spain and NORLA (Norwegian Literature Abroad, Fiction and Non Fiction).
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Event 41

My words, others’ words: Jaime Gil de Biedma:

Join Hay Festival Segovia in the intimate garden of Romeral de San Marcos, designed by Leandro Silva. Felix Valdivieso, Diego Luna, György Dragomán and Ann Bateson read their own work and that of Jaime Gil de Biedma. Guided by Claudia Schaefer.
Co-organized with the Biblioteca Nacional de España and with Galería Artesonado and with the collaboration of the Asociación del Jardín Romeral de San Marcos, the Hungarian Embassy in Spain and the Tourist Office of Hungary.
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Event 42

Evelio Rosero talks to Winston Manrique Sabogal

– Venue: Iglesia de San Nicolás
Evelio Rosero received Premio Tusquets de Novela and the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize for Los Ejércitos, a story that delves deep into the conflicts in Colombia without descending into ethical rhetoric. In 2012 he published the novel La Carroza de Bolívar, his most ambitious project to date and one that shows his astounding talent as a narrator. Rosero will discuss this with Winston Manrique Sabogal.
Co-organized with the Embassy of Colombia in Spain.
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Event 43

Aleksandar Hemon talks to Valerie Miles

– Venue: Caja Segovia
Hemon writes novels and short stories, frequently collaborating with magazines such as the New Yorker and with newspapers in his native Bosnia. Since the 1990s he has lived in the United States and writes in English and Bosnian. Author of The Lazarus Project, winner of National Book Critics’ Circle Award in 2008, he has published in Spanish a collection of stories Love and Obstacles. He will talk about the peculiarities of writing in two languages, with his publisher in Spanish Valerie Miles, and about his current projects.
Simultaneous translation from English into Spanish. With the collaboration of the Embassy of the United States of America in Spain.
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Event 44

Alberto Corazón, Jaime Chávarri, Angel Gabilondo and Jordi Teixidor. Chaired by José Manuel Gómez Bravo

75 years of El Guernica, 30 years in Spain

El Guernica, one of Pablo Picasso’s most emblematic works and one of the greatest masterpieces of the 20th century, and possibly the painting that best embodies the pain and irrationality of war, has turned 75. 2012 also marks the 30th anniversary of its arrival in Spain during the years of the Transition. There are as many Guernicas as there are beholders, there are as many Spanish Transitions as there were citizens to witness it. We confront some of them.
Co-organized with the Instituto de Cultura del Sur.
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Event 45

Concert: The British Council School of Madrid’s Big Band and its percussion group

Young musicians from the British Council School in Madrid perform a repertoire that spans traditional and Latin rhythms, incorporating elements of swing, jazz and contemporary rock.
Co-organized with the British Council.
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Event 46

Ricardo Ravelo talks with Miguel Aguilar

Mexican journalist Ricardo Ravelo, author of El Narco en México, presents Narcomex: Historia e Historias de una Guerra, in which he investigates organized drug trafficking cartels in Mexico. He talks to publisher Miguel Aguilar.
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Event 47

Frank Westerman, Rob Wijnberg, Juan Cruz and Guy Janssens

What are we going to do with Europe?

The European Union is suffering the greatest crisis of its history. We are at a crossroads of opting for greater integration or for disintegration. The cultural differences between North and South explain part of the crisis as well as offering some possible solutions.. The Embassy of the Netherlands in Spain, the Representation of Flanders in Spain and Hay Festival Segovia present a North-South debate about the future of Europe, featuring authors and journalists Frank Westerman, Rob Wijnberg from Dutch newspaper NRC and Juan Cruz from El País. Chaired by Guy Janssens from Flemish television.
Simultaneous translation from Dutch into Spanish. With the collaboration of the Embassy of the Netherlands, the Representation of Flanders and El País
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Event 48

John Kampfner, Jon Lee Anderson, Carlos Aganzo and Peter Florence

Cause for Hope?

– Venue: Caja Segovia
With the world racked with conflict and austerity the panel look for stories of truth and signs of hope from Veracruz to Aleppo, from wounded Spain to the Pussy Riot musicians. Come and join in the conversation. 

With the support of Google
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Event 49

Fernando Delgado and Elvira Lindo

Fernando Delgado’s novel La Verdad También se Inventa will be discussed in a session with the writer Elvira Lindo, who presents Lugares que no Quiero Compartir con Nadie, her vision of New York City where she lives part of the year.
Co-organized with Fundación Lara
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Event 50

Boris van der Ham and José María Ridao

What are the limits of moral liberty?

‘Sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll’. The Netherlands is known for its liberal and tolerant morality but there is an ongoing debate about the limits of what is admissible, taking into account religious, educational and cultural opinion. Boris van der Ham, member of the Dutch Parliament, discusses his book about regulations on prostitution, alcohol, drugs and homosexuality. He is joined by Spanish diplomat and writer José María Ridao.
Simultaneous translation from Dutch into Spanish. Organized in collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands.
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Event 51

Magic Realism and After: Indian English Fiction 1981-2011

– Venue: La Cárcel-Filmoteca de Segovia
Suresh Kohli presents his documentary about the novel in India. Film is screened in Spanish only .
With the collaboration of the Embassy of India in Spain and the Fundación Consejo España- India.
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Event 52

Reading by Pedro Lenz with Teresa Sanz

– Venue: Librería Solidaria Aida
Swiss poet, writer and columnist Pedro Lenz presents El Portero Soy Yo. His novel will be discussed in a conversation with journalist Teresa Sanz. Event in Spanish.
With the collaboration of the Swiss Embassy in Spain and the Swiss Foundation for culture Pro Helvetia.
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Event 53

Juan Luis Cebrián and Arianna Huffington

Journalism and Politics

Juan Luis Cebrián, journalist, writer, academic and executive chairman of Grupo Prisa, talks with American writer and columnist Arianna Huffington, co-founder of The Huffington Post, the most influential online daily in the U.S, about journalism and politics. 

Simultaneous translation from English into Spanish
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Event 54

Rabindranath Tagore by Satyajit Ray (1961, 52 minutes. English with Spanish subtitles. Documentary in black and white).

‘Rabindranath Tagore’ (1961, 52 minutos, inglés con subtítulos en español), de Satyajit Ray

This film on the life and work of Tagore, first screened in 1961, commemorates the centenary of the birth of the Bangladeshi author. It has won awards in New Delhi, Locarno and Montevideo. 

With the collaboration of Casa de la India, Satyajit Ray Film and Study Collection at the University of California, Satyajit Ray Society and Satyajit Ray Productions.
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