Online Advertising

For other opportunities such as brochure advertising please contact Maggie Kerr on 01497 822 620.

Type Dimensions File size Cost
Banner 728 x 90 20k On request
Skyscraper 108 x 600 20k On request
  • All ad units must open a new browser window upon click
  • Audio: user initiated by click only
  • Video: host-initiated and must include play/pause, stop, and audio on/off buttons
  • Hotspots Expansion (mouseover only): rate on application
  • A visible close button is required on every expandable ad panel
  • Flash ads cannot exceed 20FPS (Frames Per Second)
  • No ads will be accepted with faux functionality; ads must perform actions advertised in creative
  • For all rich media, please include a backup gif
Advert Skyscraper