“The upland areas can play a major role” - Dr Fraser

Today at Hay Festival, Dr Mariecia Fraser from Aberystwyth University discussed the importance of the Pwllpeiran Research Centre in leading innovative changes in upland farming in Wales.

The Aberystwyth University lecturer provided a historical overlook of upland farming in Wales, interspersed with poems from Elizabeth Jardine-Godwin documenting the beauty of Welsh rural landscapes.

Dr Fraser emphasised the significance of having the Pwllpeiran Research Centre as the uplands have wide-ranging influence on agricultural land and drinking water in Wales.

She said, “The uplands today account for just under half of the agricultural land in the UK, and in Wales that rises to 80% of the agricultural land.”

“70% of our drinking water is from the uplands, and as well as being important in supplying water, the uplands is very important in water management.”

She also discussed the impact of climate change and its ability to alter agricultural growth in the Welsh uplands.

“As a country, we need to tackle climate change, and the upland areas can play a major role in that.”

“In terms of climate change, this could actually in many of the upland areas bring about a shift towards cropping, towards more agricultural production in these areas.”

If you are interested in farming also see Dieter Helm talk to Tony Juniper about rescuing the British countryside at 5.30pm on 24 May 2019.  If you like watching Hay Festival events digitally, please sign up to the Hay Player for more from the world’s greatest thinkers. Pictured L-R, Elizabeth Jardine-Godwin and Dr Mariecia Fraser. Photo by Matthew Harry.