Let's not define Englishness by solely our DNA

In a rousing talk at Hay Festival, Labour MP for Tottenham David Lammy introduced his forthcoming book which investigates the modern concept of ‘tribes’. "I wanted to explore whether our society has become more tribal so that we can learn how to compromise and come together again" he said.  

The book claims that New Tribalism has pernicious effects on the health of our society and aims to distinguishing the ‘good’ sort of tribalism – the patriotism that is inclusive and open to newcomers, the ethnic or religious pride that celebrates a particular culture or faith tradition rather than denigrates others as inferior – from the harmful tribalism that excludes and divides. 

On the topic of the growing divide in Britain today, Lammy said "Stories are important but let's tell the whole story, let's tell an inclusive story. If we're brave enough to tell the story warts and all, then Britain will have the best story in the world because we would have learnt so much from our mistakes".

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