Tales of the Supervet

He said as a society, we often become distracted by materialistic “stuff” and lose sight of what actually matters.  He said all we need is “love, health and something to look forward to, all the rest is just the icing on the cake”.

In a frank, honest and often raw account he told the audience how he had endured bullying as a child and how animals, books and music was his “salvation”.

A chance encounter with Chris Evans, radio DJ, about 20 years ago at his veterinary clinic, helped launch his TV career.  However, Fitzpatrick said it’s not about the fame, but he sees his life purpose of helping animals and being the “guardian angel of unconditional love”.

Questioned on why he wanted to become a vet, he said “I can’t put up with the complaining of human beings”.

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Picture by Marsha Arnold