Being a teenager is universal

In conversation with Francine Stock, the creator of Sex Education, Laurie Nunn, discussed the process of creating the show and its resulting popularity.

Nunn explained that the programme aimed to encourage healthy conversations about sex and lessen the taboo surrounding the subject.

She said, “Because the central hook is about a teenage sex therapist, it [sex] has to be at the heart of the show. That’s very much the conversation it’s opening up about how to have healthier sexual relationships, and how, if we talk to younger people about it in a way that’s more open and honest; hopefully, we can start to deal with some of the problems.”

Unsurprisingly, the programme has proven popular among the teenage demographic, but it has also connected with older people as well.

Nunn said, “It’s been lovely [the reception]. I’ve had messages from people of all ages who’ve really connected to it. I thought it would definitely be more niche and for a teen audience.”

When attempting to explain the appeal of the show, Nunn noted the relatable nature of the genre.

She said, “Being a teenager, the angst, pain and anguish of that is very universal.”

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Photo by Matthew Harry