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The fourth edition of Hay Festival Xalapa took place 2–5 October 2014.

Hay Festival Xalapa this year featured more than 70 opportunities for conversation and debate with outstanding authors including Salman Rushdie, Joumana Haddad, Margo Glantz and Sergio González Rodríguez; as well as cineaste Rithy Panh, Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez, scientists Alan Weisman and Paul Bogard, and artists such as Abraham Cruzvillegas.

Hay Festivalito, our programme for children, young people and families, offered events and workshops for all ages; while photographer Kim Manresa, graphic novelist Killoffer and many emerging Xalapeño artists provided a spectacular range of visual arts. And we danced the nights away to the funky sounds of Instituto Mexicano del Sonido, Daniel Johnston and Concha Buika.

Thank you for coming!

Hay Festival Xalapa


HAY FESTIVAL XALAPA PROMOTES CULTURE & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Literature, visual arts, cinema, music, geopolitics, journalism, the environment... all go together with dialogue and celebration.

'The warmth of humanity', Hay Festival Xalapa in The Telegraph

'One of the great excitements of Hay's international festivals is getting to know major writers who are often barely known, if at all, in Britain.' Michael Jacobs, The Telegraph

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Xalapa 2014

  • Salman Rushdie
  • David Safier
  • Margo Glantz
  • Rithy Panh
  • Juan Bonilla
  • Katie Kitamura
  • Álvaro Enrique
  • José de la Colina
  • Killoffer
  • Joumana Haddad
  • Alan Weisman
  • Concha Buika
  • and many more...