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Todo Literatura (Spain):"Las mujeres vemos las cosas de una manera distinta. No podría ser de otra forma. Igual que todo el mundo, integramos nuestras experiencias únicas a la percepción de cualquier problema"

Estandarte (Spain): Como afirma Bates, los escritos que se incluyen en el libro no siempre son fáciles de leer. “Son duros, desafiantes y complejos. Tal y como debería ser cualquier buena solución.”

El Cultural (Spain): Un libro de ensayos publicado por Galaxia Gutenberg que reúne las reflexiones sobre el futuro de nuestro continente de una mujer del campo de la literatura, la ciencia y las artes, y de todas las generaciones, de cada país de la Unión Europea (Spain): En esta conversación, las escritoras Edurne Portela, Karolina Ramqvist y Janne Teller compartirán su mirada sobre el futuro de Europa con la escritora Najat el Hachmi raíz de la publicación de Europa 28.

Finantial Times: Essays on the EU's future deliver warnings on the dream of becoming a beacon for the world

Literaturhauseuropa: "Europa28 is not one of those anthologies thrown together quickly to reflect the Zeitgeist – although it does – but is a considered balance of educational, entertaining, amusing and urgent stories"

tportalTražite dobro štivo za dane u izolaciji?

LitHub“When the hummingbird hovered above a flower with that spectacular blur of wings, its heartbeat was unbelievable”

The New European“In 30 years, Europe will be a colourful continent, not only in terms of skin but in terms of ideas. It will be a continent where all kinds of religions will have to live together. To learn to appreciate each other’s culinary traditions is a fundamental way to learn about one another’s mentality!” 

The GuardianMany write about freedom, and the wildly divergent pieces themselves make a statement about artistic freedom, including the freedom to be off the wall. Freedom is a recurring theme in an ambitious collection edited by Sophie Hughes and Sarah Cleave ""Europe is shifting away, apparently blurring in the shadow of memory, almost disappeared from the consciousness of advancing generations. Our common Europe is thus the response to the destruction wrought by the Holocaust upon the European body. It is intended to place our common factors over those that divide us. It is intended to unite and enable common growth. The idea is beautiful. But also, a little delusory.""

Storgy"Women from that part of the world are so often Valkyries and we should know more about their stories and their bravery. The female domain has traditionally been the private one, not the public, so they are only just discovering that they can have a foothold there, too."

The Europeans PodcastSaara Turunen interview

Translating Women blogEuropa28 review

Ana Pessoa blogBelgavista Europa28

The Shift News “It remains difficult for a woman to get ahead, even when she’s so much more competent than her counterparts. Women who are bold and at the forefront of their journalistic professions have to deal with threats and language men don’t face.” “new technologies that held such democratic promise were transformed into a platform for hate speech, leading people to be focused more on what divided us rather than united us”.

Bild der FrauDas sind die besten Reisemonate für Rijeka

The London Magazine“It is women’s writing yet not writing solely about women”. “Europa 28, as such, allows each essay or story to speak for itself, as part of an anthology, isolating it in a manner that articulates the paradox of the European project: the assertion of the sovereign individual as an abiding member of a collective union”.

Beyond the Lines blog"Anyone misguidedly hoping for each chapter to homogenously represent and explain an entire country and its thoughts will be disappointed. No one can speak for a nation, but we can speak from a nation and we can, and should, listen to more voices from more nations. We might just find more parallels than we expected."

Guardian Bookshop"Ones to watch" listing

The Irish TimesLisa Dwan's Europa28 essay extract (print)

The Guardian: Leïla Slimani Europa28 essay extract (print)

Stylist“What’s particularly special about that last theme is its focus on diversity, as Rijeka intends on making clear that it supports an inclusive society”. “Hay Festival is already a prestigious literary event in the UK, but this year it’s heading to Rijeka to highlight the contribution of women in Europe across the fields of literature, science and the arts”.

The GuardianRijeka, the culture capital that knows how to party

Jelenkor (Hungarian journal): Zsofia Ban's piece was extracted from our Europa28 collection

The Bookseller: March preview (print)

HRT TV: Caroline Michel interview

The Bookseller"Hay Festival has unveiled its publishing plans for Hay Festival Europa28: Visions for the Future, a collection of new work by women writers, artists and scientists exploring the future of Europe." (print)

BookBrunchHay announces Europa28 plans

CroExpressNajavljeni hrvatski nastupi na sajmovima knjiga u Frankfurtu

HRT Magazine'Manje je više' hrvatske književnosti u Frankfurtu

ExpressoAutora portuguesa Ana Pessoa é uma das 28 artistas escolhidas para repensar o futuro da Europa

DelasPortuguesa Ana Pessoa é uma das 28 mulheres que vai repensar o futuro da Europa

Writing.ieComma Press is currently working in collaboration with Hay Festival and Wom@rts to present Europa28 – an anthology of essays and short stories bringing together 28 acclaimed women from 28 European countries to envision the future of Europe, which we believe is much needed in this tumultuous and ever-changing time.

Europa28: Visions for the future, by Comma Press 

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Europa28 review – female writers on Europe's future

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Review | Europa 28, edited by Sophie Hughes and Sarah Cleaves

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