Hay Festival Forum Dallas (Texas, USA)

Since 2018, when this Forum began, the bookshop-bar presents literary events and concerts over three days in which international authors as well as people from the world of national and local culture participate in the events. Previous speakers include Jon Lee Anderson, Ben Fountain, Yásnaya Elena Aguilar, Elvira Liceaga, Emiliano Monge, Cristina Rivera-Garza, Pilar Quintana or Joselo Rangel. In its 2020 digital version, we were joined by Salman Rushdie, Carmen Boullosa, Alma Guillermoprieto and more. More than 1700 attendees have been able to go to the 28 events organized in the Forum since 2018 and 2000 people have been able to follow the events remotely. 

And since 2022, we have established ourselves as a legal entity in the United States (Hay Festival Inc. with 501c3 status) to expand our work by hosting cultural activities and ideas festivals for all audiences. These events aim to highlight cultural productions, critical thinking, and science in two languages: English and Spanish. In 2024, we will organize the largest Hay Festival Forum Dallas to date: from October 11th to 13th.

The Wild Detectives is a bookstore-bar in Dallas, Texas. Since its opening in 2014 by two Spanish engineers, this small bookshop has hosted over 600 events. Since 2014, The Wild Detectives has been selected on six occasions by the local press as the bookshop of the year and it is nationally recognized as one of the avant-garde bookstore in the renaissance of independent bookshops in the United States.

Wild Detectives Bookshop, Dallas
Wild Detectives Bookshop event