Write for Change

Hay Festival marquee at night

As we countdown to the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP–26, 1–12 November 2021 in Glasgow, we're asking you to join us and WRITE FOR CHANGE. Our ambition is to create an anthology of public works to inspire a better world, but we need your help (and there are prizes to be won)...

Throughout spring and summer 2021, we're inviting you to submit short (100–500 word) pieces of fiction, non-fiction or poetry inspired by our opportunity for renewal.

Submissions will be showcased on our Write for Change digital map and automatically entered into a prize draw to win a stack of 20 Green Ideas books from our friends at Penguin.

Our campaign ambassadors have provided short writing prompts below to spark your creativity.

Campaign Ambassador Adele Nozedar says:

"Here are some short prompts to get you thinking....

1. You wake up one morning. Something is different. All the trees - ALL of them - have gone. What do you do?
2. The Sun God contacts you via Twitter, threatening to destroy mankind unless you can persuade him/her/he/she/it/them not to. How do you argue the case for your species?
3. Water or fire. You can choose just one. Which do you choose?
4. ‘The most valuable treasure is often hidden in plain view’
5. Henry Thoreau spent 6 days doing his own thing, and one day working. Describe this possibility given your own circumstances

Good luck."

This competition is now closed for entries. We will be announcing the winner in the next few weeks once we have read all the submissions.