The Hay 30 – Julianne PACHICO

Julianne Pachico was born in Cambridge, UK, in 1985, and has lived in Cali, Colombia with her family since 2008. In 2015 she was shortlisted for the Sunday Times Short Story Award, the world’s richest short story prize. Her novella The Tourists was published in 2014. Her short story collection The Lucky Ones has been published in the UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands and the USA. The Spanish translation of The Lucky Ones will be published by Planeta in 2019.  

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Arequipa 2018

Julianne Pachico and Gustavo Rodríguez in conversation with John Naranjo

Latest books.

Arequipa 2018, 

Gustavo Rodríguez is the author of the recent Peruvian novel, Madrugada,which tells the story of a family from Lima whose routine is interrupted by the appearance of the daughter of one of the family members, who had been unknown to them. This narrative offers Rodríguez a way to explore the contradictory nature of the human heart. In 2017, Julianne Pachico, born in the United Kingdom and raised in Colombia, presented her first work, The Lucky Ones. It isa novel of interconnected stories that take place over 20 years, in both Colombia and New York, in the context of the armed conflict in Colombia. They will talk to John Naranjo.

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Segovia 2018

Translated into more than a dozen languages and considered one of the 20 best young writers of 2013 by Granta, Sarah Hall (The Wolf Border, Madame Zero, The Beautiful indifference, The Electric Michelangelo) is a multi-award-winning novelist. Julianne Pachico (The Lucky Ones, The Tourists) is one of the great promises of British literature. Her first novel was finalist for the Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year award. Both share love and talent for short novels.

Arequipa 2018

Julianne Pachico, Karolina Ramqvist, William Sieghart and Janne Teller in conversation with Maya Jaggi

About the #MeToo campaign

Arequipa 2018, 

The US feminist campaign, #metoo, has shaken the world and struck a blow in favour of gender equality. International artists such as British author Julianne Pachico; the Swedish writer Karolina Ramqvist; the British businessman, philanthropist and publisher William Sieghart; and the renowned Danish author Janne Teller, accompany us, together with the journalist Maya Jaggi, to talk about this most important subject.

Simultaneous translation from English to Spanish available

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Segovia 2018

Literary Dance

Segovia 2018, 

For the first time ever, the British Council hosts a stage in the Plaza San Martín where it will present a series of literary dances in which the audience will enjoy public readings while learning the steps of Europe and the world’s most representative dances together with some of the writers attending this year’s festival such as Sabrina Mahfouz and Julianne Pachico. The sound of words and music will give rhythm to this unique, playful and inspiring activity. The event lasts about one hour and half approximately.

Hay Festival 2017

Min Jin Lee and Julianne Pachico talk to Lena de Casparis

Fictions: Scale

Hay Festival 2017, 

Min Jin Lee’s novel Pachinko is an epic tale of identity and survival and love, set across four generations of a Korean family in Japan. Julianne Pachico’s stories collected as The Lucky Ones explore the riveting lives and stories of a huge range of people caught up in the violence of Colombia’s guerrilla insurgencies. They talk to Lena de Casparis of Elle magazine.