The Hay 30 – Linde WESTER

Linde studied mathematics at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, focussing on abstract courses in topology, algebra, probability theory and logic. After finishing her undergraduate degree, she moved to Oxford to do the MSc. in Mathematics and the Foundations of of Computer Science.

Her passion to understand the foundations of mathematics and physics lead her to a PhD in quantum computing. Through her research she seeks to understand the counter-intuitive laws of quantum mechanics, and how these can be used to develop innovative technology.

In her free time, Linde practises various form of acrobatics: From aerial acrobatics, such as trapeze and aerial silks, to wheel gymnastics, which looks like acrobatics in a gigantic hamster wheel.

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Hay Festival 2017

Linde Wester

The Solace of Quantum

Hay Festival 2017, 

What is the multiverse theory? What is Entanglement? Superposition? What is quantum computing, and how does it help? You don’t have to be a quantum physicist to understand these things if you have one who can explain them to you. And we have Linde Wester.