The Hay 30 – Katherine RUNDELL

Katherine Rundell is the author of Rooftoppers, Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms (a Boston Globe–Horn Book Award winner), and The Wolf Wilder. She grew up in Zimbabwe, Brussels, and London, and is currently a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford. She begins each day with a cartwheel and believes that reading is almost exactly the same as cartwheeling: it turns the world upside down and leaves you breathless. In her spare time, she enjoys walking on tightropes and trespassing on the rooftops of Oxford colleges. Rundell was selected as part of the Hay Festival Aarhus39 earlier in 2017.

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Aarhus 2017

Anna Woltz and Katherine Rundell

Illustrated Readings

Aarhus 2017, 

Experience an exceptional reading aloud session, in Dutch, English and Danish, when two of Europe’s best young authors read from their own stories written for the anthology Quest. An illustrator will draw live on stage. The stories are: Piva is a Tone-Deaf Cat by Anna Woltz (The Netherlands) and Beware Low-Flying Girls by Katherine Rundell (UK).

Both are available on the Gyldendals Danskportal

In Danish, Dutch and English

Moderator: Jesper Kirkegaard
Illustrator: Mette-Kirstine Bak


Hay Festival 2018

Katherine Rundell and Lauren St John

Storytelling and the Influences of Childhood

Hay Festival 2018, 

Join these two brilliant writers as they discuss their titles The Girl Savage and The Explorer, and Kat Wolfe Investigates and The Snow Angel and the influence that their childhoods growing up in Zimbabwe had on their writing. Chaired by Georgina Godwin.


Aarhus 2017

Katherine Rundell and Nataly E. Savina in conversation with Manu Sareen

Detours to Nangiala – Great Adventures and Dealing with Loss

Aarhus 2017, 

Two writers talk about their stories included in the anthology Quest. They will share with the audience the inspiration for their tales, and discuss the central themes. The stories are: Beware Low-Flying Girls by Katherine Rundell (UK) and The Roof by Nataly E. Savina (Germany).

Both are available on Gyldendal’s Danskportal

In English and Danish


Hay Festival 2019

Katherine Rundell

The Good Thieves and Into the Jungle

Hay Festival 2019, 

Katherine Rundell discusses her two most recent titles: The Good Thieves, the story of a group of children who will do anything to right a wrong, and Into the Jungle, a collection of beautifully imagined stories about the origins of the animals in Rudyard Kipling’s classic Just So Stories.


Hay Festival 2017

William Grill and Katherine Rundell

The Wolves of Currumpaw and The Wolf Wilder

Hay Festival 2017, 

Wolves are the stuff of children’s fiction. Join award-winning illustrator William Grill and author Katherine Rundell as they discuss their respective books and the enduring fictional appeal of wolves. The Wolves of Currumpaw is the winner of the 2017 Bolognaragazzi Non-Fiction Award. Chaired by Jonathan Douglas, director of National Literacy Trust