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Event 18

Juan Villoro in conversation with Nelson Vallejo-Gómez, introduced by Edgar Morin

Seven lessons

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The great French thinker Edgar Morin, celebrates 100 years of life in 2021. His ideas about the so-called Complex Thought are more relevant than ever before. The writer of Seven Complex Lessons in Education for the Future and his most contemporary vision in Cambiemos de vía, lecciones de la pandemia will be part of this conversation about complexity in even more complex times. Juan Villoro, Mexican fiction writer, essayist, dramatist and journalist, winner of the Herralde Prize for his novel El testigo, and one of the most interesting voices in the Spanish-language literary panorama. He will talk to the French-Colombian philosopher Nelson Vallejo-Gómez, author of an essay about the construction of knowledge and the metamorphosis of disciplines in the work of Morin, about the importance of those seven lessons, with particular emphasis on the transformations and changes of paradigm that the global pandemic is bringing.

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Event 59

Roger Bartra in conversation with Jacobo García

Culture and thought

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In recent decades Roger Bartra has become an essential figure for understanding what it means to be Mexican today, based on key concepts such as melancholy and a national culture’s capacity for metamorphosis. Bartra has a doctorate in Sociology from the Sorbonne, is an Emeritus Professor at UNAM and has been a guest lecturer at different universities in Mexico, the United States and Spain. On this occasion, the event will focus on two books that are essential in order to understand his worldview, the essays Chamanes y robots: Reflexiones sobre el efecto placebo y la conciencia artificial, and Melancolía y cultura. In conversation with Jacobo García.

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