Hay Festival 2022 – Drawing

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Events taking place live 26 May–5 June 2022

Linda Davies and Nick Bashall

10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Money

Venue: Starlight Stage
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Money… we’re not educated about it at school and we don’t like to talk about it at home. The money world likes to keep its own secrets. Yet it’s more important than ever that we understand it. Linda Davies knows that world inside out. She takes us on an inspiring, non-conformist tour aided by some live drawing on screen by artist Nick Bashall.

Linda Davies is an ex-investment banker, now a consultant, writer, speaker and investor. She shows us how we can improve our financial, physical and mental health, and lead more sustainable lives, fighting back against the consumerist, debt-fuelled political-economic models that hold sway globally. Renowned portrait painter and ex-corporate lawyer Nick Bashall has created a series of satirical cartoons inspired by Daumier and Hogarth, which capture the essence, idiocies and excesses of the financial world.

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Linda Davies and Nick Bashall