Hay Festival Querétaro 2023 – Art

Welcome to the Hay Festival Querétaro 2023 programme. The festival took place from 7 to 10 September, with 105 activities with 151 interantional guests from 20 countries, and with Hay Joven, Hay Festivalito, Hay Delegaciones and Talento Editorial events, as well as two activities in Cadereyta.

Events are free to watch / listen to until September 25.

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Event HJ5

María Medem in conversation with Fernanda Aguillón

Universidad Anáhuac
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María Medem (Spain) is an award-winning illustrator and cartoonist, and one of the most promising young graphic novelists in Spain. Author of the books Cénit and Echos, her most recent publication is called Por culpa de una flor. In this last work, the main character finds herself in an abandoned village where the last flower still survives. This character cares for it, feeds it and keeps it alive, until a surprising visit occurs, one that triggers a process of self-discovery and transformation for all the creatures in the story. In conversation with Fernanda Aguillón.

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María Medem in conversation with Fernanda Aguillón

Event HF8

Braulio Guerra and Karen Valdés Zamora

Corazones de estambre

Museo de la Ciudad (Espacio Hay Festival)
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The plot of the book Corazones de estambre, written by Braulio Guerra and illustrated by Ana Karen Valdés, is told through words and pictures. If we do not let the words out, they become entangled and make a knot inside of us, just like the wool of the title. That is why it is good to have techniques to disentangle the knots. At this interactive activity, the participants will carry out a workshop with woollen yarn, together with Braulio Guerra, who will explore how to disentangle the emotional knots we all face in our lives.

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Braulio Guerra and Karen Valdés Zamora

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