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Welcome to the Hay Festival Querétaro 2023 programme. The festival took place from 7 to 10 September, with 105 activities with 151 interantional guests from 20 countries, and with Hay Joven, Hay Festivalito, Hay Delegaciones and Talento Editorial events, as well as two activities in Cadereyta.

Events are free to watch / listen to until September 25.

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Event 5

Night of the Insane

Theatre project coordinated by Mariana Hartasánchez and including 14 women from different theatre groups in Queretaro municipality

Museo de la Ciudad (Espacio escénico)
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The feminist artists’ collective Labios Superiores presents the dramatic work La noche de las alienadas*. In 1790, a group of mentally ill women who have been confined to the psychiatric hospital of La Salpetriere seek to survive when revolutionaries break into the institution. It seems that madness has no place in their revolution, given that the ideal of rationality and political consciousness is out of reach of those who have been labelled as demented.

Creative Team
: Mariana Hartasánchez**, Fernando Flores Trejo, Leticia Méndez, Ismael Josafat Gimate Baños, Pako Granados, Addi Nahúm Jacobo.

Cast: Miriam Balderas, Mónica Durán Galván, Luz María Espinosa Anguiano, Andrea Herrera, Gabriel Hörner García, Roja Ibarra, Nahim López Mancebo del Castillo, Azucena López Moreno, Alexandra Mondragón, Guadalupe Mora Reyna, Cecilia Navarro, Azul Fernanda Pagnotta Serrano, Daniela Salas Hernández.

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Night of the Insane

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