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Event 4

Eduardo Romero García in conversation with Pascual Gaviria

Skin black with coal

 Museo de Arte Religioso
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In his work, Eduardo Romero analyses and criticises matters of the foremost importance, such as colonialism, migratory policies and the leftovers of capitalism. In his most recent book, ¿Cómo va a ser la montaña un dios? (2023), he traces the route connecting the Colombian Caribbean coast with the Spanish region of Asturias, in a surprising way, one that is almost invisible to us under normal circumstances: coal mining. Romero tells a powerful story that links an old man in Gijon, Spain, who was once a miner, with a group of Colombian migrants who flee their country in a boat that transports coal from El Cerrejón, in La Guajira, to a Spanish port. In conversation with Pascual Gaviria.

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Eduardo Romero García in conversation with Pascual Gaviria

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