Hay Forum Sevilla 2024

The second Hay Forum Sevilla will take place from March 14 to 17, 2024, at various venues in the Andalusian capital. The program includes 18 events where topics such as literature, architecture, the environment, and more will be discussed.


Event 8

Nano de Jerez in conversation with Alberto García Reyes

Flamenco, seduction and life

Venue: Fundación Cajasol (Sala Machado)
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Cayetano Fernández González is better known as Nano de Jerez, the acclaimed flamenco singer. Known for his contribution to flamenco, especially in singing, with his unique style, and his masterful interpretation of palos, or branches of flamenco, delving deep into their essence. He has participated in countless performances and worked with renowned artists such as Antonio Mairena and Paco Ascensio. His career developed at a time when flamenco as an art form was undergoing a process of evolution and expansion, and Nano de Jerez was an influential figure in this. His legacy lives on in the memory of flamenco lovers, and his influence can be felt in the work of later generations of artists, inspired by his authentic style.

In 1980, at the Concurso Nacional de Arte Flamenco de Córdoba, he won the National Flamenco prize, Premio Niña de los Peines, for his flamenco bulerías. In 1994, the Peña Flamenca El GarbanzoFlamenco Club in Jerez, honoured him with the gold medal in recognition of his outstanding career as an artist. That same year, Nano also joined the line up of El Encuentro: el son cubano y el flamenco.

Nano de Jerez will be in conversation with Alberto García Reyes, a Spanish journalist and writer renowned for his distinguished career in the cultural sphere. Editor of ABC de Sevilla newspaper, Reyes has also ventured into the literary world with several works such as Banderas Negras (2006), La invención del pueblo andaluz (2012) and La abuela Lola (2016). A noted expert on flamenco, his reviews of this artistic genre are remarkable.

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