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Richard Parry & Elsa Hammond

Coleridge in Wales: Walk from Pandy to Hay

The Mountain
Samuel Taylor Coleridge dropped out of Cambridge University in 1794 and walked around Wales. Richard Parry and award winning travel writer Elsa Hammond walk the 16 miles across Hay Bluff from Pandy to Hay, part of an 80 day journey around Wales exploring Coleridge’s voice as a contemporary vision for global sustainable development, as the Coleridge in Wales festival arrives at the Hay Festival.

Stay the night before in the Old Pandy Inn
The touring party are staying the night before at the Old Pandy Inn.
Elsa Hammond will be giving a talk at 8.00pm details. Join us.
Bed and breakfast is available at the Old Pandy Inn on Thurs 26th May @ £26.50 per person.

Book this accommodation now by phoning 01873 890208 
quoting ref: COLERIDGE 26

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