Event 29

Bonnie Greer, Leanne Wood, Merryn Williams, Daniel Williams and Stefan Collini

The May Day Manifesto

Venue: Good Energy Stage

It is 50 years since the publication of the May Day Manifesto, edited by Raymond Williams. The manifesto reflected the growing disillusionment on the Left with what the authors argued to be the surrendering of socialist principles by the Labour Party. The panel explores the making of the manifesto and examines its relevance today.

Stefan Collini is Professor of Intellectual History and English Literature at the University of Cambridge, Bonnie Greer is a playwright, author and judge for this year’s Orwell Prize, Leanne Wood AM is the Leader of Plaid Cymru, Merryn Williams is a critic, poet, and daughter of Raymond Williams and Daniel G. Williams is Professor of English Literature at Swansea University.

Price: £7.30