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Penny Campling and John Ballatt

The Elizabeth Bryan Hay Memorial Lecture

Hay Festival 2017 , 

You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till it’s Gone: Valuing the NHS

A toxic combination of anxiety, rhetoric and mechanistic solutions can lead to dangerous neglect of the human factors that require attention if the NHS is to survive and thrive as a safe, compassionate and effective service. Penny Campling and John Ballatt have decades of experience in senior roles in the NHS. They are the co-authors of Intelligent Kindness: reforming the culture of healthcare. Their work has been widely influential among clinicians, managers, policy makers and educators in healthcare.

The Elizabeth Bryan Foundation Trust is a charitable trust founded in memory of the eminent paediatrician Elizabeth Bryan, whose work with families with twins, or multiple births, brought together the best of skilled medical practice with a profound commitment to the wellbeing of her patients and their families. Their central focus is on the values she placed highest herself: compassion, empathy and intelligent kindness – not only between staff and patients but among the staff of the NHS, both clinical and non-clinical.