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The inconceivable universe: Dreams of unity. José Gordon and Patricio Betteo in conversation with Inés Martín Rodrígo

Querétaro 2017, 

In this fascinating work of non-fiction, the writer José Gordon takes us into an exercise of the imagination, in which science and literature, with their respective instruments, probe into a universe which challenges all our notions. With first-hand information from major scientists like Roger Penrose, Leonard Susskind and the Physics Nobel Laureate, George Smoot, we find the most audacious maps of our time, which aim to open new windows onto nature. These investigations, some of which are controversial, have the mystery and attraction of a good literary story skilfully mixed with the explorations of fiction writers like Isaac Bashevis Singer, Amos Oz and Fernando del Paso, who also follow the dream of a level of existence beyond the borders of space and time: Borges’s Aleph looms into view! The inconceivable universe, marvellously illustrated by Patricio Betteo, invites us to look through the keyhole at a memorable poetic and scientific journey of many strings and dimensions that will resonate in the reader’s imagination. In conversation with Inés Martín Rodrígo.