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Computing at School Mid Wales (Powys) Hub Meet

Venue: Swan Ballroom

Mid Wales (Powys) hub is the regional hub for Computing at School (CAS), a community of individuals who are passionate about giving young people a great education in computing. At hub meets, ideas are exchanged and resources shared. Both Primary and Secondary School Teachers are welcome to attend this meeting as well as individuals who have an interest in education and being creative with technology. Every session includes short presentations from the CAS Powys hub community. You do not need to be a member of CAS to attend. Attendees should bring a laptop with USB port as there will be a hands-on session. For further information on Computing at School please contact Dr Emma Posey, Teacher of Computing, Fairfield High School, Peterchurch and Director of bloc. emma@bloc.org.uk
Refreshments available. 

2 hours
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