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Christophe Galfard

The universe in your hand, a visual guide to the Big Bang

Cartagena 2018, 

Starting from Earth, you will go through the immensity of the universe and discover its history. You will see how the stars and planets are born, how it is possible to calculate the distance to a far-off galaxy and how the Big Bang happened 13.8 billion years ago. Christophe Galfard (France) is a Doctor of Physics from Cambridge University, where he studied under Stephen Hawking. With the goal of bringing science to those without specialist knowledge, he has featured on television programmes and offers answers on his website. His book The Universe in Your Hand, named best scientific book of 2015 in France, is a synthesis of his efforts to explain the universe to the general public.

Simultaneous translation from French to Spanish available

Christophe Galfard