Event 354

Trio HLK and Evelyn Glennie

Venue: Oxfam Moot
This unique collaboration concert sees pioneering Scottish ensemble Trio HLK team up with the world's premier solo percussionist, Dame Evelyn Glennie. HLK's music heavily deconstructs and reconstructs jazz standards, creating intricate new pieces with complex frameworks for improvisation. Their pieces are strewn with rhythmic and harmonic tricks, and their performances deliver an explosive interactive tour de force that distorts the meeting point of the composed and the improvised.

"Their deconstruction of jazz classics could easily have sounded mannered, but instead I found it genuinely complex, uncompromising, at times very beautiful, and above all deeply engaging. I'd never heard anything quite like it (a novel experience at a jazz gig) and was immediately hooked." - Steven Osborne

“One of the grooviest, hippest young bands in the city...rhythmically and melodically a great combination of subtlety and strength" - Kevin Le Gendre
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Trio HLK and Evelyn Glennie