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Yaba Badoe, Steve Tasane, Ele Fountain, Mitch Johnson

Fiction and Fact – the creating of stories from world news

Hay Festival 2018, 

Four books inspired by desperate stories from around the world: A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars is Ghanaian-British filmmaker Yaba Badoe’s story of the horrors of people-trafficking and the magic of African folklore. In Child 1 Steve Tasane captures the survival spirit of a group of undocumented children in a refugee camp. Inspired by the plight of child refugees in Ethiopia, Ele Fountain’s Boy 87 is one 14-year-old’s search for a better life. In Mitch Johnson’s Kick, a boy called Budi is working in a sweatshop in Jakarta making football boots but dreams of being a football star. Chaired by Sian Cain.