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Tony Hawks

Trust the Bucket

Hay Festival 2018, 

Join the star of Radio 4’s Just a Minute and I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue for an extremely silly evening of interactive fun as we play a special Hay version of Tony’s Game Show Trust The Bucket. It’s laugh-a-minute stuff as The Generation Game meets Vic and Bob meets Whose Line Is It Anyway?  Someone in the audience will walk away with a fabulous prize at the end of the evening – something that used to belong to someone else in the audience, and which they are delighted to get rid of“The sort of bonkers nonsense that one expects from Tony. I loved it. An utterly daft experience.” – Miles Jupp. “Probably the silliest evening I’ve ever been involved in…and the most fun.’ – Jo Brand. #justincaseyoufeelitsallabitseriousthisyear #balance

Tony Hawks