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Gene Machine. Venki Ramakrishnan in conversation with Antonio Lazcano

Querétaro 2018, 

Venki Ramakrishnan is the winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his work in molecular biology, which includes studies of the advanced compression of the atomic structure of ribosome, which he calls “the mother of all molecules”. In his new book, Gene Machine, he explains how, if DNA is information, the ribosome is a powerful machine that can process information. The book is also a very human history about the race to ascertain the structure of ribosome, an enormous molecule that has more than a million atoms. It is a frank look at how science is done, with all its accidental circumstances, ambitions and rivalries. In conversation with Antonio Lazcano, Doctor of Science of UNAM, a specialist in evolutionary biology. Both scientists will talk about the microscopic force that can tell us much about how to develop better antibiotics in the fight against deadly diseases.

Simultaneous translation from English to Spanish available