Event 13

Film: Desde que el mundo es mundo

EUNIC film series

Venue: La Cárcel Cinemateca

Gonzalo is a farmer and lives with his family in a small town in the Ribera del Duero, in the north of Castilla. The old and wise tradition of producing the food you eat, from the “matanza” of the pig to your own wine, has been very good in these times of crisis that are experienced in Spain where the closure of factories, unemployment and harsh impositions of the food industry forces small towns to fight to survive. Since ancient times its annual cycle is marked by sowing and harvesting as well as parties and customs and there are always difficulties and problems, but also joy and satisfaction. Since the world is the world, it is a portrait of lesser-known Spain and is also understood as a tribute to simple things, naturalness and the refreshing rebellion of vital wisdom.

Director: Günter Schwaiger. 2016. Duration 103 min.

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