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Stefan Baron, Sam Wilkin and Fernando Fernández in conversation with Cristina Manzano

Geopolitics, Populism, Economy: Where did Europe go?

Segovia 2018 , 

The panel of experts talk about a changing Europe, its relationship with phenomena such as populism and its relationship and coexistence with other major players at a geopolitical level such as the US or China. Stefan Baron is a German journalist, ex-World Communication Director of Deutsche Bank, ex-Chief Editor of WirtschaftsWoche and expert on China with his new book The Chinese – Psychological Profile of a World Power. Fernando Fernández is ex-Analyst of the International Monetary Fund. Sam Wilkin is a geopolitical expert, analyst and advisor at the international consultancy Oxford Analytic, professor at the Watson Institute of Brown University, and author of several books including History Repeating: Why Populists Rise and Governments Fall. They talk to Cristina Manzano, journalist and Director of Esglobal.