Event 93

Marta Williams and Stephen Adamson


Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Sala Capitular

The Leadership experts present the results of a two year study on the leadership behaviours of 600 Spanish executives. Looking at today’s leaders and executives, can we identify styles and needs for the future?  Are there notable differences between the leadership strengths of male and female executives?  What behavioral weaknesses are most likely to derail their careers?  How can we help them to reach their maximum potential?    

Marta Williams and Stephen Adamson, have created a unique Personal Development Program for more than 600 executives studying at Madrid’s IE University.  For the past two years these executives/students have received a creative combination of specialized psychometric testing, in-depth analysis of their leadership styles, and feedback from their co-workers back at their jobs.  Measurements were conducted on a continuous basis to track growth and perceptions of change from multiple points of view.

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