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Wolfram Eilenberger in conversation with Ricardo Cayuela

Western cosmovisions: how four geniuses revolutionized philosophy.

Cartagena 2019 , 

Wolfram Eilenberger (Germany) is a philosopher, journalist and writer. His passion is the application philosophical ideas to our life today, whether in politics, culture or sports. He is, in addition, the founding editor of Philosophie Magazin. In March 2018 he published Zeit der Zauberer - Das große Jahrzehnt der Philosophie 1919-1929, the history of how four geniuses revolutionized philosophy and changed our way of understanding the world. The book explores the work of philosophers Ludwig Wittgenstein, Walter Benjamin, Ernst Cassirer and Martin Heidegger. The book become a best seller, and is currently being translated into 20 languages. With a splendid narrative style, Eilenberger draws connections not only between the ways of life and revolutionary thinking of these four philosophers, but also between philosophy and science, art, literature and architecture. In conversation with el editor Ricardo Cayuela.

Simultaneous English to Spanish translation available

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Wolfram Eilenberger in conversation with Ricardo Cayuela