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Yoko Tawada in conversation with Ana Cristina Restrepo

Cartagena 2019, 

Memoirs of a Polar Bear, the most recent work of Japanese writer Yoko Tawada, was one of the literary revelations of 2018. The author, based in Germany and winner of the Akutagawa Award, the maximum prize in Japanese works, pleases us with a modern fable whose protagonists are a mother, a son and a grandmother with one peculiarity: that they are polar bears. This way, Tawada makes a journey through a good part of the 20th century and the historical events that marked it through this curious point of view, of some bears with reason and feelings of humans, who live in circuses or act in zoos, but also write their memoirs. The writer will be talking with Ana Cristina Restrepo about this singular and surprising book.

Simultaneous English to Spanish translation available

Yoko Tawada in conversation with Ana Cristina Restrepo