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Alma Guillermoprieto in conversation with Pilar Reyes

Cartagena 2019, 

Dancer, writer and journalist in Nicaragua when the Sandinists were opposing Somoza, winner of Premio Princesa de Asturias and avid reader, Alma Guillermoprieto publishes two of her most rigorous journalistic texts in her book Desde el país de nunca jamás. The anxiety left behind by the violence in Mexico is spread through the articles Días de muertos, on the impact of drug trafficking, and Un centenar de mujeres, about femicides. Guillermoprieto will speak about this undeniable reality, similar to what is experienced in Colombia. In conversation with the publisher Pilar Reyes.

Conversations between authors and publishers in memory of Claudio López Lamadrid

Alma Guillermoprieto in conversation with Pilar Reyes