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Marcus du Sautoy, Eileen Scanlon, Martin Weller and Kirsty Williams

The OU 50th Anniversary Lecture: What will Education look like in 2070?

Hay Festival 2019 , 

What will education look like 50 years from now? Join us for a conversation with leading thinkers on education and learning technology where we will explore how both education policy and the way we learn might change over the coming decades. The 50-year possibilities for new technologies are radical to say the least. Technologies such as AI, blockchain and data analytics could have positive or negative impacts for education, and sorting the hype from the reality is a challenge for all those in education. Similarly, in a world where we will increasingly need to continue to learn new skills throughout our lives how should the education system support life-long learning?

Join us to discuss the future of what and how we learn in this special event to mark the 50th anniversary of The Open University.