Event 372

Don Paterson

The Fall at Home: New and Selected Aphorisms

Virtual venue: Starlight Stage

Aphorisms have been described as ‘the obscure hinterland between poetry and prose’ (New Yorker) – short, pithy statements that capture the essence of the human condition in all its shades. 

“Consciousness is the turn the universe makes to hasten its own end.”
“Agnosticism is indulged only by those who have never suffered belief.”
“Poet: someone in the aphorism business for the money.”

In this New and Selected, master of the form Don Paterson brings the best examples from his two previous volumes together with ingenious new material relevant to today’s world. Moving and mischievous, canny and profound, these wide-ranging observations of no more than one or two lines demonstrate that the aphorism is the perfect form for our times.

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