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Marta Peirano in conversation with Alejandro Santos

Cartagena 2020, 

The Spanish journalist and writer, Marta Peirano, writes freely for newspapers and magazines about surveillance technologies, mass manipulation and Internet rights. She has been co-director of the COPYFIGHT free culture project and was the founder of the CryptoParty and HackHackers Berlin, initiatives related to Internet privacy and security. Her most popular work, El pequeño libro rojo del activista en la red, was the first book given a prologue by Edward Snowden. Her latest critical work, El enemigo conoce el sistema (2019), talks about the control of democratic processes, the mutations in social structures and the power of algorithms. Her TEDx talk on privacy has over two million views. She will talk to Alejandro Santos.

With the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)

Marta Peirano in conversation with Alejandro Santos