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Valeria Luiselli in conversation with Sara Malagón

Cartagena 2020, 

Valeria Luiselli was one of the Bogotá39-2017 writers, a list of 39 outstanding Latin American fiction writers under 40. Her most recent books include Los niños perdidos (2016), about the treatment received under the US immigration system by children who cross the border alone; and the novel Lost Children Archive (2019), which tells the story of a couple in crisis who travel overland from New York to Arizona with their children. Both parents are documentary makers wrapped up in their own projects: he studies the Apaches and the terrible abuses against them and she works on child migrations. Caught up in occurrences and conversations, the children mix up the two subjects and start to imagine adventures of indigenous resistance, violence and displacement. Luiselli will talk to Sara Malagón.

Sponsored by Arcadia

Valeria Luiselli in conversation with Sara Malagón